Member Community Service Application

Requirements to finish application
You will need to make a google slides presentation (See template) that includes the following information:
Record the narration of your presentation and let the slides peak our interest, include relevant images. You do not need to use the template – let it inspire you. Make it engaging, make it exciting, make it your own! (limit to 5 mins or less)

  • Slide 1:
    • Your first and last name, include a picture of yourself
    • The university you are attending and your major/minor
  • Slide 2:
    • Your family’s Italian background (where in Italy they are from;  who came to America first, when and where)
  • Slide 3:
    • Your high school accomplishments (clubs/activities, positions held)
    • Which one are you most proud of and why?
  • Slide 4:
    • Please describe your most meaningful community service experience
    • Name the organization you were involved in and your role.
    • When was it? Where was it? Who benefited from your service?
  • Once the presentation is completed, record the narration of your presentation using the Screencastify browser extension for chrome.
    • Applicants should download screencastify on their browser. This will allow you to record the voice-over for your Google Slides presentation. 
    • Here are 2 videos that explain how to use screencastify 
    • Upon completion, please share the link in the “using the public link option in screencastify and include the link in the application below.
  • You will need to include a public link to your slideshow on the application below.