Raffiani Family Foundation Application

By applying for this scholarship you are committing to the continued study of the Italian language for the next 4 years (8 semesters). If you can not commit to 4 years then please apply for the Italian Heritage Scholarship.

When you apply for this scholarship you are also automatically applying for the Italian Heritage Lodge Scholarship. Please DO NOT fill out the Italian Heritage Scholarship application if you fill out this one.

Interviews for this scholarship will take place on Monday June 5th @4-5pm. You will be notified of the location and your exact time via text by June 3rd if you are finalist. Please save the date.

Requirements to finish application
You will need to make a google slides presentation (See template) that includes the following information:
Record the narration of your presentation and let the slides peak our interest, include relevant images. You do not need to use the template – let it inspire you. Make it engaging, make it exciting, make it your own!

  • Slide 1:
    • Your first and last name,  include a picture of yourself
    • The university you are attending and your major/minor
  • Slide 2:
    • Your family’s Italian background (where in Italy they are from;  who came to America first, when and where)
  • Slide 3:
    • Your high school accomplishments (clubs/activities, positions held)
    • Which one are you most proud of and why?
  • Slide 4: Please answer ONE of the questions below:
    1. For those of you who have been  to Italy: What was your favorite place and why?
    2. For those who went to their ancestors’ home town: How did you feel about seeing your family’s birthplace?
    3. For those who have not visited Italy yet, but want to, describe the destination you would like to see.
  • Slide 5: Written and narrated in Italian
    • You are committing to continue the study of the Italian language at the university level for 4 years (8 semesters). Why? To what extent (minor/major)? How are you aspiring to use it? How will it serve to enhance your career path?
  • Once the presentation is completed, record the narration of your presentation using the Screencastify browser extension for chrome.
    • Applicants should download screencastify on their browser. This will allow you to record the voice-over for your Google Slides presentation. 
    • Here are 2 videos that explain how to use screencastify 
    • Upon completion, please share the link in the “using the public link option in screencastify and include the link in the application below.
  • You will need to include a public link to your slideshow on the application below.